Lawns, Laws and Responsibilities

In the modern suburban and city landscape, beautiful, green lawns are perhaps the most ever-present feature of California. It’s difficult to imagine a local neighborhood without broad, clean stretches of neatly cut grass. More and more in recent years, our lawns have evolved into complicated demanding growing responsibilities. As homeowners, business owners and landscapers we are concerned about the long-term effects of chemicals on our children, pets, and environment.

As an advocate of ecological synthetic lawns, I too seek environmentally supportive methods to keep our yards healthy and inviting, and, yes, still green and lush, too.

However, if we really want freedom from our labor in our yard and chemical free environment, perhaps we should look to the synthetic option. The demand for the perfect lawns has been building in the United States since the 1990s through proposed legislation.

There are merits to the debate of national lawn-care legislation. For instance, some members of congress have looked into various local and federal regulations focusing on a ban of the superficial use of lawn-care pesticides. With a synthetic lawn, public health issues from the use of pesticides to combat insect infestation would be a thing of the past. And let’s face it the elimination for the need of residential pesticides would make us all feel better knowing that we are not endangering future generations.

Some opponents may complain about such proposals, but evidence shows that pesticide management legislation has actually increased business prospects as homeowners seek to spend more money on the beautification of their homes and property.

Plus with a synthetic grass system, you can think of a lot of other uses for the money saved from the relief of not hiring a professional lawn care company any longer.

Obviously, hiring someone is going to cost. Owning a home has certain expenses involved. However, the demand of maintaining your house will be easier more cost efficient and environmentally safer when year lawn care is minimized. You save money and time all around by focusing on keeping the rest of your home in good working order.

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