Discover Success With Raised Bed Herb Gardening

The raised bed herb gardening process is one of the best gardening techniques that can be used and is gaining popularity every year as it is an easier way of gardening but other benefits also make it popular.

The raised bed gardening technique that is used can be also utilized for growing other plants as well. This is technique which is extremely beneficial for gardeners in colder climates. Basically, the gardener erects beds on a lightly raised platform than the actual ground and the depth of the garden can be as much as required by the gardener. This also makes the garden extremely organized.

Advantages of raised bed gardening

There are several advantages for the gardener that uses the raised bed herb gardening method. The soil contained in the raised gardens will also be thawed out and warm much earlier than the soil at the actual ground level when the spring comes. This is because the frost is at the ground level, whereas the beds are raised above the ground.

Furthermore these raised beds allow gardening in areas which have poor soil quality. The beds are also more accessible than the actual ground level. This also helps in improving the produce from the raised gardens in comparison to the actual ground itself. Those that grow the herb gardens also use the combination of the raised garden method and on ground method. This helps in prolonging the growing season quite effectively.

Constructing raised gardens

For building the raised bed herb gardening, there are few materials that are required along with some muscle power. If you have, the manpower, then it’s quite a simple task to make the raised bed herb gardening. To make the garden, frames need to be constructed. The frames can be constructed from non-treated woods, bricks made of cement and rocks. Using railroad tracks or other treated woods for the herb garden can pose problems for the herbs.

The correct dimensions of the frames need to be worked on, depending on the space available with the gardener. After the frames have been erected, it needs to be filled with topsoil, and other organic matter. Building a raised garden is more expensive than planting the herb garden in soil. However, there won’t be people trampling over the garden and it can be easily maintained for years to come.

If you are not a handyman or woman, then you can buy corrogated type gardens and these are very good and easily transportable if needs be.

Problems with the raised gardens

The raised bed herb gardening are ideal for tight spaces. However, the added expenses of building the frames and filling it with as much topsoil and other organic matter such as sand and compost can be quite a bit at the start of the garden. The proportions need to be set out in advance; otherwise it can be tiresome when the frames need to be rebuilt.

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